Montesquieu (1689 - 1755)

Abandoning the parliament, the philosopher-winemaker devoted himself to literature and its land in the heart of the Graves. A La Brede Martillac and he liked to improve the quality of grapes and wines in Paris and shipped it to the vast British Empire. When started from early morning through the meadows, vineyards and woods surrounding his castle of La Brede, Montesquieu looked ripen the grapes and let the ideas germinate. At the gates of Bordeaux, the vineyards of Graves remained practically as it was known. There is not only Breath "Spirit of Laws", masterpiece of the great philosopher, but above all the spirit of Bordeaux. In his region, he said "the air, grapes, wines banks of the Garonne and the mood of Gascony are excellent antidotes against melancholy. "